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Dr. Soap™

LUXURY HERBS BAR (130g, 4.5oz.)

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LUXURY HERBS BAR (Tr gu Tr mn Kích mc tóc) 

A 2-in-1 herbs soap bar helps to clean your hair and body. Blend of the natural qualities of Tea tree, Rosemary, Peppermint, and Lavender make this well balanced soap. Tea tree is suggested to help with flakes. It also moisturizes and soothes the scalp, reducing itchiness and making it less prone to flaking. Dry skin and dandruff can clog your hair follicles, but tea tree oil can clear the follicles and allow your hair to breathe. Tea tree oil is also a popular choice for improving acne conditions because of its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. 

Together with Rosemary and Peppermint, the bar becomes more unique since this essential oil blend is well-known for anti hair loss. Lavender and chamomile are good for soothing. Also, lavender is a popular ingredient for aromatherapy since it has anti stress property. This luxurious herbs blend is suggested for all hair types and skin types. 


This product is

  1. All-Natural (no synthetic pigment and dye, no synthetic fragrance, etc.)
  2. 100% Vegan
LUXURY HERBS BAR (Tr gu Tr mn Kích mc tóc)
LUXURY HERBS BAR (Tr gu Tr mn Kích mc tóc)

Dr. Soap


Remove Dandruff, Anti-acne, Anti Hair Loss, Hair Volume Up, Oil Control

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  • ✓ All Skin Types (Men, Women, Adults, Kids)


  • ✓ Antibacterial 2 in1 Body & Hair wash bar
  • ✓ Remove dandruff, relieve itchy skin 
  • ✓ Anti-acne for scalp and body
  • ✓ Anti Hair Loss 
  • ✓ Aromatherapy Benefits

Dr. Soap

Lather up, apply to gently wash hair and/or body, then rinse clean. Use hair conditioner after you use this as shampoo bar.

Dr. Soap

All products from DR.SOAP™ are created with mindful formulations, using organic and natural ingredients. We don't use Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), MEA/ DEA/ TEA (synthetic foaming agents), Parabens (preservatives), Phthalates, Microbeads v.v... which are harmful chemicals commonly used in bath & body products on the market. And we have never tested or are testing on animals (we are Leaping Bunny Certified for Cruelty-Free products). Our products are proudly Made In USA. We strive to bring you and your family happy & healthy bath time, as well as keep our environment clean and green !

*Though most of our products are vegan, we still have non-vegan products. We're clarifying if a product is vegan or not in the product description.

Dr. Soap

LUXURY HERBS BAR (Tr gu Tr mn Kích mc tóc)
LUXURY HERBS BAR (Tr gu Tr mn Kích mc tóc)
LUXURY HERBS BAR (Tr gu Tr mn Kích mc tóc)
LUXURY HERBS BAR (Tr gu Tr mn Kích mc tóc)
LUXURY HERBS BAR (Tr gu Tr mn Kích mc tóc)
LUXURY HERBS BAR (Tr gu Tr mn Kích mc tóc)


Every product is unique, just like you. Be healthy, be pretty, be happy with the LUXURY HERBS BAR (130g, 4.5oz.) !

Our products are Organic・Natural・Non-GMO・Cruelty-Free・Vegan*・Made in USA・Made by Science・Made with Love・and of course, Toxic-Free ♡
*The products which are Vegan have "Vegan" tags.
Updated: Mar 31, 2020

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