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Dr. Catherine Huynh (also known as Dr. Chau Huynh) spent most of her time, with nearly twenty years of living, studying, researching, and working in Japan and the United States before founding Dr.C Lab in the Silicon Valley. After completing her Doctorate with a research topic on widely used surfactants in the cosmetic industry, she received many offers for doing research and development for leading cosmetic companies and corporations in Japan. While working in Japan, many cosmetic lines developed by Dr. Catherine were popularized in the Japanese domestic market under the name of famous cosmetic brands. She also received offers and invitations to work in cosmetic companies in the United States. After doing research and development in New York metro area - the cradle of US and the world's beauty industry - Dr. Catherine continues to fulfill her cosmetics dreams in Northern California, one of the top 10 greenest states and the most eco-friendly in the United States. In California, she can best pursue her biggest passion: devotion to the development of organic cosmetics and spreading the message of using green-based clean cosmetics all around the world.


"Besides the main work at laboratory, my biggest hobby is nothing more than learning up-to-date cosmetics techniques, information and trends, as well as handcrafting cosmetics. I love nature, love creativity, and love making and seeing what was created from humans' brains and hands..."

"Not only as a scientist, but as a woman who has sensitive skin, I completely understand how important it is to use high quality cosmetics and personal care products in order to protect your skin and your health. I'm rarely bothered by acne or any skin trouble now, even though I used to have big problems with acne when I was a teenager. Now my skin is in very good condition. Sometimes there are some acne spots, but they will disappear shortly without taking any care. This is thanks to the power of the organic and natural-based, safe and clean cosmetics I'm dedicated to taking care of my skin with.

That's why I always recommend that everyone take care of their skin with pure and healthy cosmetics products. No matter what they are - skin care or makeup or even bath and body-care products - I'm always using cosmetics made from high-grade ingredients with a "clean" formula. This is because I know how truly effective they are, as well as the benefits they bring to skin and health... I share the reason and my journey to Dr.C Lab here.

At Dr.C Lab, we are trying the best to fulfill this mission: Creating high-quality, safe, clean and natural-focusing cosmetics, personal care products as well as health and beauty supplements, and bringing people all around the world smart solutions to take care of their beauty and health in order to live a better life. Join us!